Please join us as we gather to contribute to the cause of helping to heal victims of sex trafficking in Snohomish County. Peoria Home provides a multi-layered approach to coming alongside victims and providing much needed shelter and opportunities to heal and grow. 100% of all donations from this night will go to support the work of this local 501(c) organization.  Find out more at


We were so excited to be recognized in this year's UK Songwriting Competition. This is the first year I entered a collaboration with a poet and friend of mine, which ended up as a finalist in the folk category.  Another exciting piece was getting to collaborate with a lyricist from the U.K., Karen Weed, who was also a semi-finalist in the lyrics category.  This across the pond effort brought much joy to us both.  

Finalist/Folk - "Drifting"    Collaboration with George Henriksen                   

Semi-Finalist- Singer-Songwriter 

Semi-Finalist/Folk - "Turn In To Me" Collaboration with Kim Castelo

Semi-Finalist/Folk- "Baby, Won't You Dance with Me                                   

Semi-Finalist/Folk- "Stone and Wood" 

Semi-Finalist/Folk - "It Matters"         

Semi-Finalist/Folk- "Speak to Me in  London"

 A poem, originally written by Karen Weed, became a collaboration after she sent me the words in search of a tune.  She then forwarded it to Jim Ankan Deka and a team of creatives to create the final recording and video.   

 Assam Skies depicts the life and relationship of an English tea planter and Rampiyari, a young tribal girl from the tea gardens of Assam. This is a true story based in the era of colonial rule in India. Rampiyari died of a broken heart when her two children were taken away from her and put into a home for orphans in Assam. It was the same year when their father married his English wife.

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